MOVE-IT ! e-learning

Description Of The Training

The MOVE-IT ! e-learning aims to provide regular thematic meetings and discussions on the web. It is organized via webinar sessions and combines videos, experts speeches and slideshows. Up to 25 participants can be part of each webinar session. Watch out for the next webinar sessions !

List of sessions



Webinar on how to audit a cluster of SMEs Nov 15 2012 - 12:30 to 13:15

We will organize regular e-learning through webinars sessions to discuss specific topics linked to the MOVE-IT project :

- cluster coaching issues

- how to use the different MOVE-IT tools

- different environmental aspects (e.g. environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning products, water consumption linked to showers and bathrooms in hotels, organic and local food, etc.)

- feedback and testimonies from successful SMEs

Watch this page to find out about the future webinars at European level or in your country !

Webinar on how to audit a cluster of SMEs

During the next webinar we will present you how to prepare for the external certification audits of the cluster members.