Original tools for blended capacity building and training


In the MOVE-IT! model, taking the cluster through EMAS implementation to certification is a collective learning process. The MOVE-IT! blended capacity building and training package includes various tools that were developed throughout the project.

Blended training and coaching of SMEs

First of all, the MOVE-IT! model comprises blended training and coaching of SMEs using cluster approach and EMAS Easy methodology. The training package includes training courses for both environmental consultants and tourism agents as well as for tourism related companies (e.g. accommodation providers, catering services, travel agencies, and museums).

The trainings for environmental consultants and tourism agents cover the topics of creating and coaching an environmentally friendly tourism cluster and implementing an environmental management system in a company. The implementation of the management system is done in groups, involving several companies. Besides the onsite training the face-to-face and web-based coaching as well as online support is provided for SMEs. This reduces the cost related to coaching and also establishes a creative space to exchange good practices.


E-learning platform

Secondly, the project also  developed an e-learning platform, where consultants and regional tourism agents can be trained and tutored online via webinar sessions for the coaching of their SMEs. The platform can also be used as an assistant tool for coaching the SMEs.

Furthermore, the MOVE -IT! training package involves an online software assistant called Avanti Green Software to enable SMEs to structure, follow and report their environmental performance.

Cluster Management Guide

Finally, the MOVE-IT! training package includes a Cluster Management Guide. There are seven modules in the Cluster Guide that provide information and guidance for tourism developers and agents as well as SMEs for establishing and managing regional sustainable tourism clusters and tools for implementing and integrating performance based labels and environmental management systems (EMAS, EU Eco-label, Green Key, regional labels).


Videos from our capacity building sessions and from our clusters

During the lifetime of the project the partners made several small videos to present the clusters of SMEs they coached or the capacity building sessions they delivered.

Click on the following items to go directly to the pages where the videos of the clusters are hosted :

- Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria

Martin's Hotel Group, Belgium

- Menschel Vital Resort, Germany

- Clusters in Cyprus

- Lakes of l'Eau d'Heure, Belgium

- The East Estonian cluster

- The South Estonian cluster

Some videos reflecting the tools and the trainings that were done during the project :

- Tutorials about the AVANTI software

- Belgian training sessions : day 1 and day 2,3,4




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