Purpose of the cluster management guide

The MOVE-IT! cluster management guide provides a methodology and helpful information to consultants or to key stakeholders who would like to establish sustainable tourism clusters. Moreover, it provides keys for SMEs to establish a management system as EMAS, EU ecolabel, Green Key or other regional/national labels. It also highlights the benefits for companies operating in clusters.

This guide has been elaborated on the field experience of 15 clusters, which allow us to present robust tools validated by more than 140 small and medium sized organizations. The different modules of the guide compile coaching and training experiences of tourism clusters acquired by the different organizations which were partners in the MOVE-IT! project.


Cluster management guide - table of contents

The guide consists of 7 modules:



    Module I: EMAS & touristic destinations and clustersThis guidance aims to provide some cluster management tools and methodology to anyone who wants to lead a group of organizations through the implementation of an EMS. It presents all phases of the cluster management: preparation, training and coaching. 

This module is only available for the participants to the training sessions.







    Module II: Labels: common points and differences In the EMAS Easy MOVE-IT! project, not only tourism accommodations will be part of the coached cluster, but also SMEs of different sectors which are part of the regional value chain. It is therefore necessary to identify and analyze the different regional and international labels and the relations of these labels with EMAS. A step-by-step approach is carried out for the labels Ecodynamic enterprise, ECOCAMPING, Green key and European ecolabel, in order to allow companies which already have these tools to identify the efforts still required to move towards EMAS. The purpose is to encourage organizations to implement EMAS.

Download the Move_IT! cluster guide module II on labels


    Module III: EMAS “easy” for small business This module presents a simple methodology (EMASeasy®) to set up EMAS in SMEs. It provides adapted tools to take into account energetic problems and the carbon footprint of SMEs. 

Download the Move_IT! cluster guide module III on EMASeasy and choose your own language







    Module IV: Indicators & benchmarkingThis module aims to provide some tools for the evaluation and measurement of the environmental performance of organizations and territories to companies and touristic destination managers. Avanti GreenSoftware has been created in order to help SMEs to capture, monitor and evaluate their data on environmental performance. Moreover, touristic companies must have a concrete measurement system that enables them to measure their progress towards sustainability.

The data of benchmarking presented below should allow organizations to compare their environmental performance with those from the leader. Lastly, the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria, listed in the last part, is an effort to come to a common understanding of sustainable tourism and will be the minimum that any tourism business should aspire to reach.

Download the Move_IT! cluster guide module IV on indicators



    Module V: Case studiesThis module presents case studies of touristic clusters in Europe and other parts of the world as well as from the MOVE-IT! project. All the case studies from the MOVE-IT! project are also described in the cluster section of this website.


Download the Move_IT! cluster guide module V on case studies






    Module VI: Capacity building and e-learningThe EMASeasy® MOVE-IT! project also aims to train tourism agents and consultants in environmental management, whose role will be to assist SMEs in their approach to environmental management. A training handbook has been developed for the trainers, it contains everything the trainers should know about the EMASeasy MOVE-IT! trainings. More information on the trainings is available in the trainings section.

This module is available for the trainers only.






    Module VII: Useful resourcesThis document contains bibliographical references and websites collected during the MOVE-IT! project and selected for their relevance (including results of research in the library of the London University in September 2009). It also aims to provide definitions of terms and concepts presented throughout the different modules of the toolkit.


Download the Move_IT! cluster guide module VII : useful resources



How to get access to these modules

In order to access the modules I and VI of the MOVE-IT! cluster guide you must participate in one of our trainings. Please refer to the training section of our website.

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