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During his recent two-day visit to Berlin, the American president resided at the EMAS registered The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the first 5 star hotel in Europe to apply the highest environmental standards.
Barack Obama surprised the Berliners when he chose The Ritz-Carlton over Berlin’s classic president’s abode, the Interconti, or the historical Adlon Hotel where Obama stayed during his last visit to the German capital in 2008.
Obama, his wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha spent the night in the 204m2 Ritz Carlton Suite. Rumour has it that the president appreciated the opportunity to relax in the suite’s private sauna. And no doubt his daughters were excited to find the living area equipped with its very own star-gazing telescope.
But our guess is that The Ritz-Carlton’s environmental performance was what swayed the president’s vote in its favour. Or the first lady’s. She is an avid advocate of sustainable living and organic gardening in particular. Michelle Obama had a Kitchen Garden planted on the ground of the White House where children are educated about organic food. In 2010, a new addition was made to the garden: a colony of approximately 70,000 bees now resides on the grounds, pollinating the plants and providing honey for the White house.
Well, guess what: As part of its EMAS activities, The Ritz-Carlton keeps three bee colonies of its very own on the hotel’s 17 story high roof-top. The hotel uses 40kg a year of their honey (organically certified!) in the hotel kitchen. Home-made honey for breakfast? Feels just like home, the presidential family must have been thinking.