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The EMAS registered Martin's Hotel is among a group of environmentally active Brussels hotels that have joined forces to expand eco-innovation in their sector.


A workshop organised by the Brussels Chamber of Commerce, the Brussels Hotel Association and the Belgian Ministry for the Environment brought together 14 hotels that are already implementing EMAS and/or environmental certification systems such as Green Key and the Eco-dynamic Enterprise label.

The participating hotels, despite being competitors in the market, decided to cooperate to further their common goal of making the hospitality industry more environmentally sustainable. During the workshop, participants elaborated on the need for more eco-innovation and improved supply chain management at regional level.

Some of the ideas developed to address these needs were for instance to ask the Brussels Region to support the creation of a regional ecological laundry facility as a new service for all Brussels hotels, including an environmentaly friendly transport system (bike or e-car), as most hotels now have to send their laundry to Antwerp, which creates unneccesary amounts of transport emissions.

The workshop, which will be followed by strategic coaching, was held in the framerwork of the EU co-funded ResilieNtWEB initiative. This project involves organisations from Southern UK, Northern France, Belgium and Luxembourg and aims to support SMEs across North-Western Europe in improving their sustainability and adaptability to sudden changes, be they economic, environmental or social. This includes approaches to continuous performance improvement as called for by EMAS.

You can find a video presenting the ResilieNtWEB project online at