Menschels Vitalresort – Germany

Vision & objectives

Integration of medical wellness combined with tourist offers, organic producers and regional environmental awareness - elements not strictly associated with tourism.


1000 € -1400 € fee for the external audit paid by cluster members Government aid for the SME’s (energy efficiency advice) to finance the consulting costs

March 2010 – March 2011


Key stakeholder : Menschels Vitalresort, Meddersheim – Bio-Hotel

Other stakeholders :

  • Demeter vineyard Fuchs-Jacobus– a biodynamic winegrower
  • Barefoot-path, Bad Sobernheim - the first and unique barefoot-path with a length of 3,5 km
  • Regionalbündnis (federation of the region) Soonwald-Nahe – a regional development agency
  • Paul Albrecht Energie- und Haustechnik– a company for installation of renewable energies
  • Reuland-Apotheke– pharmacy
  • Phönix– a wholesaler for organic products

The coach

Menschel Vital Resort

As partners of the MOVE-IT project consortium, Menschel Vitalresort has created its own cluster in Germany by gathering its tourism partners and food suppliers in improving their environmental performance. Menschel Vitalresort also contributed to the project by adding health and wellness …

Eco-Conseil Entreprise

In the MOVE-IT project Eco-Counselling Enterprise was responsible for the development of the cluster toolkit and coaching methodology, the coaching of Belgian and Germany clusters, the elaboration of the training kit, etc. Due to financial problems in 2011, the company has …

Labels ands brands in the region


The European EMAS Regulation specifies the requirements to comply with when setting up an Environmental Management System (EMS). It is a voluntary scheme. EMAS goes beyond...


The Bio-Hotels is the first international group of hotels with a certified organic label based on rigorous criteria: • 100% organic food • 100% organic beverage • one...

The region


Rhineland-Palatinate is a federal state (lander) and covers 19,846 km2, with approximately 4,050,000 inhabitants. The cluster covers the region around Bad Sobernheim, situated in the Nahe-Valley between Hunsrück and Pfälzer Wald
The region is especially characterized by wine-growing, but also diverse beautiful landscapes, different geological and climatic conditions, forest and agriculture.


The cluster focuses on economical and touristic partners as well as on the supply chain of the medical wellness & biohotel Menschels Vitalresort. The cluster is related to health and well-being. Especially in the Bad Sobernheim area, which is hallmarked by the alternative health sector with organic products, natural medicine (Felke, barefoot-path, Hildegard von Bingen), healing traditions and beautiful nature (Naturpark Soonwald-Nahe).

Boundaries and Certifications

EMAS registration for Menschel Vital Resort which engaged different partners and stakeholders in the process. Each organization has it's own EMAS registration.