Martin’s Hotels and its suppliers – Belgium

Vision & objectives

The main objective of this cluster of 10 hotels from the Martin's Hotel group was to implement an environmental management system meeting the EMAS requirements. Some very innovative approaches have been used by the Martin's Hotel Group to involve their customers in environmental good practices. The Eco-voucher programme invites guests to make five simple and easy eco-gestures to limit the environmental impact of their stays at Martin’s Hotels.They can choose to take part according to how they feel, their pace, their desire and they can earn cumulative Eco-voucher points during each stay which can be converted into gift vouchers. On the other hand, the Carbon Zero programme offers to all businesses prepared to take part, to offset the carbon emissions that Martin's Hotel is unable to reduce, despite its continuous environmental improvement efforts (Environmental Management System) and the measures it takes to limit the impact of its guests’ activities on the climate (Eco Voucher). Last year, a total of 1,235 tonnes of CO2 were offset and Martin's Hotels Group invested over €27,000 in creating clean and renewable energy projects in Tanzania. Martin's Hotels also gave some positive messages to their suppliers to improve their environmental and social performance in a CSR approach.


Own funding.

Start of the EMS implementation: early 2010. ECE’s support from end 2010 to December 2011.


Key stakeholder: Martin’s Hotel Group (Chateau Du Lac, Genval)

Other stakeholders :

  • Touristic service providers: event managers, agriculture & food providers
  • Green Key for Conference centers
  • Tourism Vlaanderen - Flanders
  • General Commission for Tourism – Wallonia
  • BITC - Brussels
  • Sustainable Events:
  • IBGE – Brussel
  • SPPDD – Federal
  • CSR network in Wallonia and Brussels
  • Belgian Chambers of Commerce sustainability working group

The coach

Eco-Conseil Entreprise

In the MOVE-IT project Eco-Counselling Enterprise was responsible for the development of the cluster toolkit and coaching methodology, the coaching of Belgian and Germany clusters, the elaboration of the training kit, etc. Due to financial problems in 2011, the company has …

21 Solutions

21 Solutions is a consultancy, based in Brussels, created in 2008, as a spin-off of Eco-Conseil Entreprise, a company with 10 years experience in the field of environmental management and sustainable development. 21 Solutions brings together the experience of five …

Labels ands brands in the region


The European EMAS Regulation specifies the requirements to comply with when setting up an Environmental Management System (EMS). It is a voluntary scheme. EMAS goes beyond...

ISO 14001 : 2004

ISO 14001 is a voluntary scheme which specifies the 18 requirements and the 52 check points to comply with when setting up an Environmental Management...

Eco-dynamic Enterprise Label

The ‘Eco-dynamic Enterprise’ label gives official recognition for good environmental practices of companies in the Brussels-Capital Region. It awards them for their environmental activism and...

Green Key

The Green Key is the first international environmental label for tourist accommodation (hotels, campsites) and a voluntary label based on rigorous criteria, which cover the...

The region


The Martin's Hotels Group is present in 3 regions of Belgium (Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders) with 10 sites (hotels), 1 spa.
These hotels are chosen for the cultural heritage (old churches, manors, historic city centers, etc) and are mainly used as Conference centers.


• Conference centers in Brussels and Flanders will be supported in the improvement of their environmental performance (Green Key, Eco-Dynamic Label, EMAS/ISO 14001).
• Increase in the number of EMAS registered SMEs in the Region
• Increase in the number of Green Key labels
• Sustainable Events strategies at Federal Level and in the Brussels Region

Latest news of the cluster

Boundaries and Certifications

Martin’s Hotel Group implements an environmental management system with EMAS for their hotels and their services (including a Thermal Spa Center, a Lake, a biodiversity reserve, etc).