Black Forest – Germany

Vision & objectives

Two hotels in Bad Teinach-Zavelstein have decided to introduce an environmental management system according to EMAS. These hotels tried to include other hotels and suppliers from the Black Forest region in the cluster but didn't succeed before the end of the MOVE-IT project.


Funding by Baden-Wuerttemberg ministry of environment (80% of consulting costs) for the implementation of EMAS within a cluster approach- SMEs have to pay 20% of consulting costs and costs for validation and registration

Dec 2009 – Nov 2010


Main stakeholders :

  • Baden-Wuerttemberg president of DEHOGA (German hotel and restaurant association)
  • Local authorities
  • Touristic service providers: accommodation services, restaurants, other touristic attractions

The coach


KATE coached 2 clusters in Germany and orhganised a training in Catalonia. KATE elaborated the indicators part of the cluster guide and included CSR indicators. KATE designed the EMAS cockpit to provide online support to SMEs from the tourism sector …

Labels ands brands in the region


The European EMAS Regulation specifies the requirements to comply with when setting up an Environmental Management System (EMS). It is a voluntary scheme. EMAS goes beyond...

The region


The northern Black Forest stretches between the lines of Karlsruhe and Pforzheim in the north and Renchtal Freudenstadt in the south. With an average share of 73% forest of the total area, the northern Black Forest is the most closed wooded part of the Black Forest.

Bad Teinach-Zavelstein is located in the Teinachtal in the northern Black Forest. The spa bath is located at 390-440 meters high in the sheltered valley of Teinach and is surrounded by forest from all sides. With about 500 inhabitants, Bad Teinach is the smallest spa bath in Baden-Wuerttemberg. There is also a site of mineral springs, which promotes the Hirschquelle, a well known German mineral water. With various attractions, such as the mineral spa, the Kursaal and the drinking water springs, Bad Teinach  offers a modern Tourism offer in wellness and health.


Two hotels in Bad Teinach-Zavelstein have decided to introduce an environmental management system according to EMAS. Many contacts and discussions have unfortunately not led to an increase of the cluster despite the fact that some companies were very interested. Hopefully, the two successfully completed validations can motivate other SMEs to join the cluster in the future and that the support of local authorities will be raised.

Boundaries and Certifications

SMEs implement an environmental management system according to EMAS.