First solar Teleski of Europe

The Teleski "The Spin" is actually planned to build a low energy Welcome Center. Besides the use of sustainable materials to build (local wood,cellulose, good insulation, etc), this center will have 168 solar panels on its roof. These solar panels …

Electrical vehicles around the lakes

The Lakes of l'Eau d'Heure Management Agency decided last year to purchase 10 electric vehicles to replace their fleet of technical vehicles used by the workers to maintain the forests and green areas around the lakes.

Buying dishwater machine

The hotel automates the process of dish washing by buying dishwater machine and thus reduce the consumption of drinking water used for dish washing. The machine is used only on full capacity in order to save energy and detergents.

Reducing water consumption in the hotel

In 2011 the hotel installed air assisted shower heads in all rooms of the hotels. The device take air and mixes it with water and thus decrease the flow of the water used for the shower without decreasing the satisfaction …